Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Saturday, 45 days after my grandfather passed away, my grandma went to join him. I have no doubts that my grandma is thankful to be reunited with him. I have many fond memories of my grandmother, who was always there to talk to, listen to, to be with, to love. I'll never forget her voice as she read us stories when we were younger, her spunky and sassy attitude that always made us giggle, her unbelievable memory, her amazing homemade cooking, and the way she always wanted her grandchildren to sit on her lap so that she could rock us - even well into our twenties!
One of the few times I was lucky enough to play golf with Grandma

She was a wonderful, selfless woman who cared deeply for her family, putting all of our needs above her own. She was a big part of my life...a truly tender and genuine grandmother. She touched many, many lives. I'm so thankful that I was close to her. I'll never, ever forget her.

Grandma with Avery Jeanne

I distinctly remember the day I shared the news with grandma and grandpa that I was expecting. She knew it would be a girl. She asked about "the little girl" every time I went to visit her...she used to always tell me the cure for morning sickness was peaches and whipped cream (I'll go along with that)! When we found out that we were indeed having a girl, I guess I shouldn't have been all that grandma was always right. It was only fitting that grandma's first great-granddaughter be named after her. I look forward to when I can share with Avery Jeanne all of the special memories of her wonderful great-grandmother, Florence Jeanne.

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