Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Avery would just like to say that her dad had a great Father's Day! We went out this morning and got bagels and lattes to start the morning off right (except Avery had rice cereal and prunes)! Freddie got some great presents - two pairs of Carhartt pants that he's been wanting for work. He got a coffee maker and an insulated mug with pictures of Avery on it from his mom and dad. He also got a special treat from Avery. Since she's been telling me how excited she is to go out on the farm with him this winter, we thought it would be best to provide the most appropriate attire. So I bought her a pair of pink Carhartt overalls to surprise Fred! He loved them and I think she will too!

My dad is so important to me, always being there for us and taking great care of our family. I know how truly special the father/daughter bond is and am so excited for Fred and Avery to share that bond. She lights up when she sees her dad, she loves riding in his truck and thinks he's really funny when he makes all those silly noises! She knows who her daddy is, and it's been such a joy to watch. From the moment she was born, Freddie has always been there, he was even the one who changed all of her diapers in the hospital!! They already have some pretty special memories together.

Happy Father's Day to my dad and Freddie's dad...two dads that we are so thankful to have in our lives. Avery's lucky to have two of the best grandpas around!!

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