Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We had a great weekend! The three of us headed over on Saturday to stay with Fred's parents for the night. It was a beautiful evening in Silverdale. We ate dinner on their deck overlooking the water - with great food and wine I might add! Then grandma and grandpa enjoyed an evening with Avery while Freddie and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie.

Some pictures from grandma and grandpa's house

On Sunday we left Silverdale and headed to Auburn for a 1st birthday party for Brent and Cheri's son Carter. It was great to visit with them and see their new house. It was a perfect day for a party and Avery's first party at that! Happy birthday, Carter!

We are going to be busy again this weekend with a trip to Gig Harbor! Jody, Ryan and Grayson are getting ready to move, so we'll be there with my mom and dad to help with some of the packing...actually, I'll probably be watching the kids while everyone else packs!! We hope to fit in some shopping for the gals and some golfing for the guys...We always seem to make room for the important stuff!!

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