Monday, October 18, 2010

October Fun!

We had a great weekend! We went to Silverdale to visit Grandma and Grandpa Leist, celebrated Grayson's 3rd birthday in Gig Harbor and went to the pumpkin patch at Spooner Farms.

Grayson's party was at a new place in Gig Harbor called Jump! It was so fun! Avery loved going down the slides and jumping. We can't wait to go back so the kids can play again. Grayson had a great day. He's turning into such a caring and funny little boy!

Avery is so light she was flying all over the place

Action shot of Avery and Papa going down the slide

Avery and Grayson jumping!

Blowing bubbles with Grandma

We spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Leist. We explored the world of leaves one morning outside their house. Grandma and Grandpa also carved a pumpkin with Avery. Ok, well all she did was take the guts out but she still loved it!

She had a great time exploring

But got a little tired towards the end

Pumpkin fun!

On Sunday we took Avery to Spooner Farms with Grandma and Grandpa Bull and Jody, Ryan and Grayson. The kids had a good time. It was so busy and traffic was a nightmare but at least we can now say that we did it!

They loved the pigs

And the bunnies

I think this is why I hardly ever take pictures. Toddlers never look in the camera and smile!

So many pumpkins that she couldn't take her eyes off of them!


In other exciting news we are thrilled and overjoyed to announce that we are expecting baby #2 sometime in early April 2011!


  1. Hi Sara! I didn't know you had a blog. Your daughter is very cute! Hope all is well! It has been years! Katie (Wilson) Mayer

  2. Oh Congrats!!! How exciting! I have to say, having the 2nd baby is so much easier. I hope you have a great pregnancy!