Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Natalie is 3 months old! She is just the sweetest little thing with a really big attitude! She definitely knows what she wants! I can't wait to see how her personality progresses. She is starting to interact with Avery and always smiles when Avery talks to her. I love it! What I don't love is when they simutaneously start crying at the same time, when I can't reach over the car seat when I'm driving to put Natalie's binkie back in her mouth or when I'm right in the middle of feeding Natalie a bottle and Avery yells that she has to go "poop". But we make it work. My house might not be as clean as I'd like it to be and dinner might not get on the table until late but it's times like that when I just have to remember how blessed I am.

If you are looking for bows, clips or headbands for your little sweetie, check out Briar.Claire at www.facebook.com/briarclaire. They have the cutest hair accessories. Avery has a ton and I've already started a collection for Natalie! Briar.Claire is an etsy shop (http://www.briarclaire.etsy.com/) and they also have a blog (http://www.briarclaire.blogspot.com/). The best part is that they have a sale going on right now! They have $1 clips and 25% off everything. I just bought a cute white headband with a white flower with little rhinestones in the center for Avery to wear when she is a flower girl next month in Fred's brother's wedding. Avery loves her flower girl dress, shoes and headband and calls it her princess outfit. Now only if she'll actually walk down the aisle...I hope so!

We also have another family wedding coming up. Fred's sister Laura is getting married to Rob in Maui on 9/10/11. We are so excited to take the girls! I think the fun they will have will definitely outweigh any traveling anxiety that I may have about flying with 2! We've done it quite a few times with Avery. She's done great on long trips - we even flew with her to Hawaii when she was 12 months. Let's hope it goes smoothly with a 2 and a half year old and a 5 month old! Thank goodness I got a baby Ergo for Mother's Day. That thing is going to be my lifesaver!!

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  1. You've got the cutest girls! Thanks for the tip on hair clips. I will have to check them out. I would love to get together one of these days when you have a day off. :o)