Saturday, September 19, 2009

Avery + Pinwheel = Crawling!

Today was such a lazy day. We watched movies, played with toys, took a nap, had some snacks and hung out. However, today was a little different than most. Avery had her game face on and was determined to crawl. As of right now, we officially have a mobile baby! Who knew all it took was a pinwheel set strategically in the middle of the room. Boy, that did it! She was off like a rocket!
Enjoy the video...


  1. Hooray! Way to go Avery! Watch out world! She going to be in EVERYTHING! I can't believe your little girl is so grown up Sara!

  2. That a girl Avery! Not only did you crawl over to the pinwheel, you knew what to do with it when you got there!