Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last weekend Avery got to meet 3 of her cousins. Scott (Freddie's brother), his wife Sally and their daughters Maggie and Anna recently returned from Kenya where they lived for a year (read about their amazing experience here). They left on their journey last year when I was around 18 weeks pregnant, so they were really excited to finally get to meet Avery. Avery LOVED them and Maggie and Anna had a blast trying to get Avery to crawl...she's sooo close!

Anna (holding Avery) and Maggie

Kira is Freddie's cousin who came over to visit for a few days with her mom Sue (Freddie's aunt). Kira and her sister Britta are twins and Britta has twin boys!! Lots of twins in this family!! Anyway, it was great seeing Kira and Sue again and they had a great time with Avery as well. On Sunday, we had a BBQ at Fred's mom and dad's house and had a great time celebrating the return of our family from Kenya, Fred's dad's birthday, Fred's brother Nik's birthday and the engagement of Fred's sister Laura to Rob. They are planning a destination wedding for 10/10/10. We're not quite sure where the destination is, but we hope to be able to make it!

Kira with Avery

Me and Avery

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