Monday, January 3, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

I had a wonderful New Year's 2011. Not because I went out and partied to celebrate the new year. And not because I got all dressed up and had a place to go. I actually spent December 31st, January 1st and January 2nd at home potty training Avery. I know it sounds funny but just the time that we got to spend together alone (yep, I decided to go for it when Fred happened to be out of town) was so much fun! I read the online 3-Day Potty Training eBook by Lora Jensen a couple of months ago and was so inspired by it, I knew I wanted to try out this method with Avery. I was so afraid of potty training and didn't think I had it in me to stick to it. I knew I had a good candidate on my hands; Avery showed many signs that she was ready (waking up dry, interest in the toilet, and letting us know when she went potty). Plus, I REALLY didn't want to have two in diapers come April. And can I just add that if you haven't read this eBook and you are thinking of potty training, give it a shot! You really don't have anything to lose except for diapers!

Friday - We woke up, ate breakfast and I talked to my sister on the phone (who had just potty trained Grayson a few days prior with the same method). She reminded me to tell Avery over and over, "Let Mommy know when you have to go potty, ok?". Even if I said it and was sure she tuned me out, keep repeating it. So after talking to my sister, I took a deep breath and said "here goes nothing!" I changed Avery out of her pjs and took off her last diaper to date. I showed her the pretty princess and Minnie Mouse panties. I was prepared after purchasing 21 pair! She thought they were pretty and was excited to put on a pair. I put a shirt on her and that was it. The book says no pants for 3 days. Then I grabbed all the diapers that were sitting out and told Avery that she was a big girl and didn't need baby diapers anymore. I asked her if she wanted to throw them away. She did so happily. One by one she threw away the 6 diapers. I still had an unopened box in the closet, but I am saving those for the next baby. I gave Avery water, juice, milk. Basically changed it up to keep her interested in drinking. It worked. She went potty. A lot. In her panties. My job was to watch her constantly - watch for when she goes and watch for signs of how she reacts when she goes. When I saw her going potty, I'd scoop her up and take her to her potty chair and set her down. When she finished going in the potty, I would reward her with a few m&ms or a Hershey's Kiss or stickers. We did this many times during the day. She stayed dry at nap time (she got a coloring book and crayons for that!) and would eventually run to me when she felt that she starting going...ok, we were making progress. By the end of the day, I probably washed 12 pairs of underwear! What a day! She really did not like her potty chair so I set up her kiddie seat on the regular toilet. Worked much better for her!

Saturday - I was feeling a little anxious about another day of accident after accident. But was so thankful that she didn't have an overnight accident...things were looking up! I think the main reason why she didn't have an overnight accident was because she has nights where she doesn't wet a diaper and also because we stop fluids a couple hours before bed. She hardly misses it. If she asks, she gets a sip or two. About 10 am, I think something clicked for her. She'd run to me and grunt or grab my leg or get a funny look on her face. It was like she was saying "Hey, I gotta go now!". She did have one poopy accident and I caught that one right away because she got up and put her back towards me. I knew that was coming! She also stayed dry during her nap. By the afternoon, she was saying "Momma, potty!". It really was amazing to watch it click for her. Fred got home from San Francisco (he was helping Nik and Lilian move) around 6 pm and he got to watch Avery go potty, "wipe", flush the toilet, tell the contents of the toilet "good bye, see you later", and wash her hands! She was so proud of herself! And we were proud of her!

Sunday - This morning was the only overnight accident she had. Avery woke up at 5 am and I took her to the potty. She didn't have to go. So, I took her back to her room and she slept until 7:30. I got to sleep too! It was so nice. But I think that was too long for her to sleep without another potty break. Later, I was able to run to the store while Fred watched Avery. She did have one accident for him, but then she was able to tell him when she had to go. It was also Avery's first time out since Thursday. We went to my mom and dad's for dinner. She did great and even went potty on the toilet while we were there!

Monday - Another dry night! She went potty right away when she woke up and then shortly after headed off to daycare. She had an accident-free day while she was there! We are just so proud of her. And I'm so glad that I did the 3-day training. It was rough on my back and I didn't get to rest very much but it was worth it!

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  1. WAY TO GO AVERY!!!! Way to hang in there Momma. Sounds like it was worth it!