Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby's room (so far)

Today my mom and aunt painted the baby's room for us. We kept it really close to the same color. I'm usually really organized when it comes to paint colors. I've got a spreadsheet made up of all the colors (names, numbers, finishes) we've used in our house so we can keep track if we ever have to re-paint. However, that room was a mystery to us and I didn't keep the paint sample from when we painted that room a few years ago. Anyway, we matched it the best we could but it still was off. It was SO nice of my mom and aunt to paint the room again for us.

My Aunt Cathy then painted a branch of birds on one wall that matches the baby's crib set from Pottery Barn Kids. She did an amazing job and I really feel like it's finally becoming a baby girl's room! We've got a couple things to do still (blinds, lamp, wall letters, picture frames, etc) but we're a few steps closer to its completion. Thanks Mom and Cathy, we really appreciate it!

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