Wednesday, February 23, 2011


At almost 27 months old, Avery is turning into a strong, independent little girl. She is testing boundaries (as most 2 year olds do) and watches our every move to see how we react. Sometimes it's tough to keep our ground, especially when she says or does something that is really funny or naughty. But we are so proud of her in so many ways! In the month of January alone she was potty trained, moved from crib to a toddler bed AND quit the binky. The binky was a tough one but we powered though. It kind of happened on accident as she lost her only binky one night right before bed. We looked for 45 minutes for the darn thing and just gave up. Sure, I could have made a trip to the store to get more but I knew she was ready to get rid of it. It was a rough few days to say the least. She did get to pick out a big girl toy after her first night without her "binky fire" (as she so lovingly called it). She was excited about that and picked out a Mrs. Potato Head.

She is just like a sponge and is constantly absorbing tons of new words (even some Spanish words!), songs, numbers and emotions. She is just the sweetest! The pictures are not the greatest but I've been just awful about taking pictures lately, so the ones above are from our phones. :)

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